Allergy Relief

Y’all. This allergy season is too real. I’m dying. Until I remember that I have this roll-on in my purse at all times and it saves the day! Roll it on the front of your neck to relieve that itchy throat, at the base of your ears to relieve the inner-ear-itchies, and even put a dab under your nose to clear your sinuses. All the praise hands for this blend!

{My recipe is a little different from the MLM recommendation, because some of the oils in that recipe are not safe for kids under 6, or aren’t safe for topical application. I use this blend all.the.time. so I did a lot of research to find a safe and effective option. 🙂 }

Tea Tree- anti-inflammatory with high respiratory system activity

Lavender- anti-inflammatory, vasodilating, analgesic, relaxant

Cedarwood- lymphatic stimulant, decongestant, relaxant

1 single tiny drop of Peppermint- clears the sinuses and is anti-inflammatory, but NOT SAFE FOR KIDS UNDER 6 SINCE A CHEMICAL COMPONENT CAN CAUSE RESPIRATORY DURESS

Liquid fractioned coconut oil for carrier.

Roll-on bottle $5.






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