Bug Be Gone

All natural ingredient plus essential oil power to repel flies, fleas, ticks, gnats, and mosquitoes. 8 oz spray bottle. Diluted to skin-safe concentrations that are appropriate for ages 2 and up. (Keep away from faces, though. Like all other bug sprays.) Under 2? Pregnant? Spray it on your clothes!


Stevie’s Version Contents: (slightly different from Holley, if you get one from her!)

Apple Cider Vinegar, Water, Castille Soap, Geranium Bourbon EO (repels mosquitos and ticks, repairs skin elasticity), Patchouli EO (general insect repellent), Tea Tree EO (repels mosquitos short-term, aids wound healing), Lavender EO (soothes bug bites– a bonus if you spray this on after the first few bites, and repels mosquitos), Cedarwood EO (repels mosquitoes and moths, calming and soothing), Citronella EO (repels ticks and mosquitos), and Grapefruit EO (repels mosquitos and ticks).

Refrigerate and shake well prior to use.


$12 per bottle


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