Liquid Bliss

Alternate titles include: Liquid Xanax, Knock-Off Peace and Calming, Anti-Anxiety, Deep Sleep. This is my favorite blend. I use it when I’m stressed or anxious. I use it to help me sleep at night (and oh, I am so rested when I wake up!). I use it on Punkadoodle to calm her down if she got candy after 2 pm last Tuesday and she won’t go to sleep on Friday. I love it. Roll it on your wrists, nape of neck, or just inhale deeply/diffuse.


Tangerine- anxiolytic, calming/relaxant, promotes happiness, circulatory enhancer, antispasmodic

Orange- relaxant, anti-depressant, circulatory stimulant, boosts immunity

Ylang-Ylang- vasodilating, anti-inflammatory, regulates heartbeat, anti-depressant, balances hormonal energy

Patchouli- relaxant, anti-inflammatory

Roman Chamomile- anti-spasmodic, relaxant, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, calming, anxiolytic, emotion stabilizer, reduces nervousness and insomnia


Diluted with liquid fractioned coconut oil.

Diluted 2 oz roll-on blend $5, 1/2 oz dropper bottle $3.



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